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Late 19th Century – Probably Centennial 1876

George Washington seating writing his “Farewell Address of 1796″

In the fall of 1796, nearing the end of second term of presidency before retiring to his home at Mount Vernon in Virginia, George Washington published a farewell address. It was to announce his intention to decline a third term in office, as a valedictory to “friends and fellow-citizens” after 20 years of public service to the United States. Within the address President Washington reflects on the emerging issues of the American political landscape in 1796, expresses his support for the government eight years after the adoption of the Constitution, defends his administration’s record and gives valedictory advice to the American people. Washington’s address was intended to serve as a guide to future statecraft for the American public and his successors in office. It argued for a careful foreign policy of friendly neutrality that would avoid creating implacable enemies or international friendships of dubious value, nor entangle the United States in foreign alliances. Washington’s statements on the importance of religion and morality in American politics and his warnings on the dangers of foreign alliances still influence political debates today. Washington’s Farewell Address is considered to be one of the most important documents in American history and the foundation of the Federalist Party’s political doctrine.

White metal statue
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