Native American Maiden Grinding Corn

Art Pottery Figural design featuring a Native American girl kneeling over corn. Crisp mold definition. No chips, cracks, repairs or problems of any kind. Very good Condition. Van Briggle pottery was started by Artus Van Briggle in Colorado Springs, Colorado, after 1901. Van Briggle had been a decorator at Rookwood Pottery of Cincinnati, Ohio. He died in 1904 and his wife took over managing the pottery. The wares usually had modeled relief decorations and a soft, dull glaze. Van Briggle was reorganized in 1910 and renamed the Van Briggle Pottery and Tile Company The name was changed to Van Briggle Art Pottery Company in 1931.

Approximately measures 6″ high, Dia 5″ by 6 1/2″

Inventory: DA-P-3126

$ 190.00


Van Briggle Art Pottery

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